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motion capture

Motion Capture technology, nowadays widely known thanks to the film Avatar, allows the transfer of actors movements onto cartoon characters. This kind of animation, leads to the production of smooth narrations that, for being performed, are emotionally intense with a great deal of interactions among actors. The POOL Factory uses VICON MX, state of the art in the world as far as optical motion capture is concerned. Many different actors motion and position capture systems have been used by the POOL Factory but the use of VICON, mostly in collaboration with the “ Laboratorio di Bioingegneria dell’Università del Foro Italico” in Rome, proved to be the best for complex animations and to achieve objectives beyond entertainment as, for example, in biomedical applications.Works: Arlecchino capture hosted by autodesk, Immersive Application augmented reality for Parkinson Disease- Piancavallo research centre – NOKIA animation for The Big Escape Cartoon – Al Jazeera Baraem channel flowers dance cartoon.