Digital Puppets

Interaction with the audience and among actors, real-time rendering and live performance lead us to the natural development of Digital Puppetry. This technique makes possible for a performer to act as a modern puppeteer, animating live a cartoon character and making it interact with the audience.
The traditional puppeteer will thus be able to live in and manipulate digital environments with no limits to imagination and without the structural limitations of the puppet or the marionette. Using a laptop, a microphone and a few external devices, the performer makes his digital puppet speak to kids, young people or even adults’ enchanted audiences. Communication, mostly didactic, becomes enjoyable and the audience participation increases its value and persistence.

Works: Digital Puppet for a FIAT event – Digital Puppet for BIT Fiera di Milano Digital Puppet for COMIECO –Digital Puppet for Borsa Internazionale del Turismo Archeologico- real time motion capture puppet for TIM Night show